Why do you need a Doula, now, even more than ever?

Oct 26, 2018birth doula


My major motivation to become a Doula has always been that I believe every woman must have access to support before, during and after labour to have a positive birth experience. She has to be informed correctly, so she can make conscious choices. But why do you need a Doula, now, more than ever?

Well, first of all, lots of women are afraid of giving birth. This is the result of how society depicts birth! Screaming women in movies and even reality shows about birth, like to show the most dramatic cases. Most women and their partners have never witnessed a birth before.

Depending on where you live, you will get little to no support. As an indication; in Scandinavian countries, women have a full year of maternity leave and at the other end of the scale, in the USA, there is no such thing as maternity leave at all.


This was very different not so long ago, when women gave birth at home with midwifes and a few close female relatives around them. Young girls would see their older sister, mother, aunt or neighbour give birth. 


Ever since we shifted to hospital births, those close female relatives stayed behind and women were left only with midwifes who are unable to give that same attention due to their workload.

Its great that fathers are more involved at birth now, but they often feel helpless as well. It’s the blind leading the blindNot having the constant support from birth professional can instill uncertainty and fear.


Giving this constant support and watching how a woman goes through the entire process is amazing. Because I stay with her the whole time, I will notice the slightest change and can act immediately towards her needs.

There are many studies that show, women with a Doula at their side will have shorter labour, less interventions, less complications and even better success rates at breastfeeding.


In a world where time is money, doctors and midwifes are always on the clock. A Doula will make all the time you need, respecting the natural course of your birth process.

Being there for you and trusting your body and your baby. She makes sure you are cared for and loved in this unique life changing experience of becoming a mother


I always feel very honoured when I’m invited by a couple to be part of their birthing experience. I respect that it’s a very intimate and personal experience.

Guiding a woman during pregnancy and watching her getting more empowered is very gratifying. Experiencing a mother succeed at breastfeeding her second son after she had lots of problems with breastfeeding her first baby, is another great example. These are just a few reasons why Doulas are needed now, more than ever.


People book great results with fitness coaches, health coaches, business coaches… and a birth coach is no different. We are here for you, women full of love and care, believing that you and your baby deserve to have a positive birthing experience.