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YOUR natural birth

by An Bleu

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Happy Moms

“An’s help and presence on the journey of pregnancy to childbirth and after was priceless and my husband and I are happy to have shared such a special and personal journey with her.”

– Elizabeth Kyd, mother of baby Gurian

“An gave me all the advice I needed, but also the confidence and the faith, the strength and patience that was necessary.’ If one day I will have a third pregnancy and delivery, I will absolutely want her again at my side.”

– Valerie Vervoort, mother of baby Kilian

“I believe that what makes An an amazing Doula, is all the heart and care she puts into her job. Her guidance has been without judgement and prejudice and was completely formed around the needs of me and my family.”

– Jaimy Van Iersel, mother of baby Freya